First trip with "Jeff"

After waiting for our new Van since April we finally got it a week after our holidays started. We did not waste any minute and packet «Jeff» up just after taking him home from the dealer. «Jeff» is a temporary name as we could not find a suiting one until now :)

The next morning we hit the road again after being landlocked since the pandemic startet! Damn it felt so good to be back in our Van and on the road with the family. After two stop-overs on the french highway we reached our destination Saint Jean-de-Luz just at the French / Spanish border. To our luck the forecast was good and the surf was up every day. It was also the time to put Caroles 40st birthday present into the waves. Sadly the weather forecast turned very bad for our second week so we did not go further down to the bask country. Well, also because we were packing the Car up in a hurry and forgot a lot of needed and useful things (such as enough camping chairs for everyone and so on). At least we know now what we need for the next trip in our new beloved Van!