Spring Surf Trip

As you might guess, we went onto another surf trip. But for the first time ever we went on our adventure in spring with our new Van «Paulberger» (temporary named Jeff).

We started in St. Jean de Luz in France (just at the border to Spain / the Bask Country) and spent some days to get us back into surf mode (e.g. become paddle-fit again). The Camping there is perfect if you have Kids as there is a lot to discover (bamboo forest, small heated pool). Our Kids have been there for the second time and still love it! We even had dinner like normal people at our table (including the «Jarr of Piss» → see below for explenation). And Carole even managed to make some easter eggs with the kids (and our camping neighbours from Italy, as we had far too much).

After we continued our jurney and drove to «San Vicente». The Camping was nearly empty and we enjoyed some realy laid down and relaxed days and surfed every day. Sadly after some days the swell went missing and the weather turned bad. So we decided to go back up direction Lacanau Océan where we spent the last days of our trip. For the first time every we ended up on a 5 Star deluxe Camping :) What was not great for us was perfect for our Kids! A hughe playground, soccer and basket ball fields and a big indoor adventure swimming area (sadly not heated) rounded off their trip!

So we hope to be lucky and go onto another trip this autumn!

The «Jarr of Piss» is our mobile toilet which is very usefull while driving long distances. He became a close member of the family one evening, after having dinner with us disguised as a glas of water and Remo nearly drinking from him.