Loose Monkeys in France!

(well, including our selfs)

It was time for a trip again! This time we started off close to Bordeaux to visit a Monkey-Park. Such a nice experience to see all these magic animals without a cage free in the Woods (only separated by small Rivers. Apparently they are scared of Water and therefor won’t  run away). After we longed for the Sea as our last Surf-Trip was quite some time away. So we continued direction San Sebastian / Zarautz in our beloved Basque Country. Luckily the Camping had a Soccer field for our Soccer addicted son. So his entertainment was set for the rest of our Holidays. Remo’s entertainment ended after the first Surf-Session as he broke his pinky toe while playing soccer. So more Surf-Sessions for Carole then! As there was also a small Gym on the Camping we all had some exercising besides surfing any kicking the Ball. A visit to the nearby Aquarium in San Sebastian was a must and we all loved watching all the crazy Sea Animals from all over the World and also from the Basque Coast.