Mamallapuram Gipsy Kids

when we reached mamallapuram we wouldn’t have thought that after ten days we’ll be so close to the towns gipsy kids. between helping them and let them take advantage of you is only a thin line. even the smallest material things given to them will be sold and creating mischief under each other. parents do not allow them to go to school because the income from the children’s sold jewelry is maintaining them. so what do you do as a traveller? ignoring them to make sure you don’t do anything wrong? we decided to stay with offering them non material things like showering, taking them to swim in the ocean (their parents can’t swim and are not abele to take them to the ocean), playing, teaching some english words or paint plastic bottles with them. we couldn’t make their situation any better but we created some beautiful moments for them and for us. we were very touched about their way of sharing and their excitement about small things in life. thanks to the guesthouse hosts carrie and «serati» there will be more of these moments for the kids even if we now leave to auroville.