Roadtrip Johannesburg to Cape Town

after some days in johannesburg we rented a car and started our road trip from there to cape town. the landscapes we crossed during this 2264km where stunning. all 30 minutes to an hour the scenery switched which made you think you just crossed canada, scandinavia, switzerland and africa within a short time of driving.

our first stopp was in durban where we met with a wonderful friend we made in sikkim, india. thanks a lot for your great hospitality and the beautiful time we spent together james and taryn! we will never forget you and you always have a place in our hearts (and a place to crash whenever you should be in switzerland).

next we where off to port alfred and port elizabeth where we only spent on night each. so nothing much to tell you about. then, the next stopp was jeffreys bay. it has always been a big dream of carole to go there and surf. which we did right after we got us some new wetsuits in the rip curl outlet store. what we experienced there can hardly be described in words. we where sitting in the line up when suddenly three fins turned up in the water. remo nearly shitted in his new wetsuit as he first thought its sharks! luckily it turned out to be dolphins (6 to 8 of them) and they swam and surfed with us for some minutes. paddling out towards a wave and seeing these dolphins swimming and jumping towards you in the wave was breathtaking and unbelievable in the same time. this moment will always be in our minds! just amazing to be in nature so close with these beautiful creatures. after three days in jeffreys bay we started our final stage towards cape town where we met up with caroles parents for three weeks.