We made it to Chennai, India

after 28 hours of traveling we finally made it to chennai, india. hereby a short overview and a «best of» from this trip.

bali – kuala lumpur (30th of January):
at 21:15 we finally got the confirmation that we can get on the plane leaving bali at 21:55. trying to pass customs, we realized that we had an overstay of in total 4 days (2 days each) which resulted in paying a penalty of 300’000 IDR a day (roughly 30 CHF a day). still sitting in the immigration office at 21:40 we slowly got nervous that we miss the plane. after they released us we had to run through the bali airport hoping we still make it. luckily the plane was delayed so we ended up sitting inside the plane just right on time. as the flight was operated by air asia (yes, the one which is loosing planes sometimes) we started to have some good (or lets say maybe bad ideas) for phrases they can use during the flight or during check-in. like in our case were one flight was cancelled, we thought of saying » still better than disappearing from the radar». or imagine to sit in the plane and the pilot says «dear guests, we would like to inform you that we are still on the radar»…