Atlantic Coast Surftrip 1

finally we went on a three week surf road trip at the atlantic coast. for the first time as a family living entirely in a van. first we were not sure if road tripping will work out with our 13 month old son. but just after two days we knew that our little one is as much of a traveler as we are.

we ended up doing 2866 km at the atlantic coast. we started of in bern with our first target Lacanau Ocean where we spent two nights. after we drove on to Seignosse (Le Penon) before we decided to drive to the lowest point on our trip which was in San Vincente de la Barquera (Oyanbre). From there on we drove back up stopping at several surf breaks. on the map below you can see the route we drove.

luckily we could go to the water nearly every day (only two days without waves in three weeks!) which was just unbelievable for us. there were days with even too much swell so some spots were hard or nearly unsurfable. also there were some big days where we both had to take some hard conditions which resulted in some board repairs.

all in all the surf trip as a family was a great experience and we all had a wonderful and relaxing time surfing, enjoying live as a family and meet other surf tripping families all over the coast. so this for sure was not our only or last surf trip as a family.