traveling during strange COVID times.

well, this years surf trip didn’t realy go as planed. as our son was sick, we had to postpone out trip for two weeks. as he finaly got better we packed our van and took off. as our «normal» destinations were not possible due to COVID we gave levanto a try (the forcast looked good too). as our family is used to drive 18″ hours to the atlantic coast the 6 hour drive to levanto was peanuts.

so we installed our new tent and everything was fine. in the first night it started to rain heavily and after the kids fell a sleep we realised that there was a small «river» through our front tent. so we spent the night removing the water every one to two hours. the next morning we decided to look out for an appartement for the next 3 days (as the weather forcast was bad). so we left the tent and car on the camping and moved to an appartment on the 6th flor.

that day the swell arived as well and carole could surf finaly again after beeing land locked the whole year. sadly, the days after there was too much swell and it all got mesed up (so this was the only surf session happening). after some days the weather got better and we were looking forward to go back to the camping site. after we moved all our stuff back to the camping we found out that levanto (liguria in general) was put on the quarantine list for the following day when re-entering switzerland.

so, after just 4 days our trip ended and we took off back home. at least we and our kids could enjoy superb italian food and ice cream for some days and smell and see the sea. we are happy all of us are fine and healthy and we still were able to «travel» a bit. so lets hope this COVID thing is soon over and we can take off again next year.