Saint Jean de Luz & Oyambre

our loyal «camper van» Hannibal (VW T4) took us to the atlantic coast once more. this time we started off in saint jean de luz in the french bask country. as the family did not realy feel «warm» with the new place and camping site we continued our jurney after 4 days direction oyambre (san vicente de la barquera / cantabria) where we stayed the last 2 years already.

well, we enjoyed to explore the aquatic life in saint jean de luz (senix beach) with our two little ones a lot before we went further. after looking for crabs and other sea animals and after building a lot of sand castles and digging holes it was time to go back to our favorit camping site in oyambre (more families with kids and bad nights as in saint jean de luz).

as always, beeing in oyambre feels like beeing home a little. oyambre beach is a beautiful bay and life is just a bit more «slowed down» than in saint jean de luz. we even bumped into an old friend of remo (from meiringen) and spent a lot of good times with him and his partner. after not seeing him for nearly 10 years we soon discovered that he turned into a very good cook (besides having his own successful company) and had fantastic and tasty food nearly every evening (as carole is a very good cook too :p).

beeing on the road in our beloved bus and spending time as a family is always so good and relaxing and we all still love it. so there will be more trips to come, don’t worry.