Sagres & Vila do Bispo

the family of 4 (plus our parents) made it to sagres, portugal. so our little ones flew together for the first time and managed it like pros! we spent beautiful 8 days in the algarve together with our children and parents / grand parents. this way we finally could surf together for the first time within three years! surf-wise we weren’t that lucky this time (besides we still went to the water every day). the swell was coming from two directions and it was big (roughly around 3 meters) and it was wild and windy! anyhow, it always feels good to be in the water for «land-locked» people like us.

also our parents did great! they are not the big travelers and prefer stying at home rather than entering a plane early in the morning. so this was a win-win for all of us as they could spend lots of time together with their grand children. so whats better than having a good and nice time with family! we hope that this was not the last trip as a family!

the next trip will follow end of summer / beginning of autumn. then again with our beloved bus hannibal.