Atlantic Coast Surftrip 2

this october we went for another atlantic coast surf trip. this time with one member more to the family as our youngest daughter (6 month old) was with us as well. the trip did not start that good as our car broke down just after we drove off from our parking space at home. 4 days later and 500 swiss francs «lighter» we had our beloved hannibal back and were finally off for our long awaited surf trip. as some of you might know we had quite an emotional 2018 as we lost remo’s brother and became parents just two weeks after.

anyhow. it felt great to be back in the «van» driving to the atlantic coast. as always we started our trip in lacanau océan where we stayed for two nights. we even got some swell and both of us had the pleasure of paddling out again. there is hardly a better feeling than being back in the sea after a hard year and nearly 1 year without waves.

after lacanau we decided to go all the way down to oyambre (like last year). we even met some of the family’s from the year before and spent beautiful 10 days on the camping. we could surf every day (sometimes even two sessions a day) and we could finally rest our minds after the emotional rollercoaster we had. traveling with kids is just a beautiful thing. but also, there is a lot of organizing and managing to do (especially when both parents surf). but to say it simple: it’s worth every struggle :)

after these 10 days in spain we slowly drove back direction home with some more days in france. as seignosse / le penon did not realy work we ended up in hossegor for the rest of the trip. luckily the WSL competition was over and we could manage to have some good session there too. after nearly 3 weeks on the road our backs started to hurt a little as all of us 4 slept inside the van (without a roof extension or a tent) and we decided to go back home. which we did in just one night. the kids did so well in the car that we did not really have a second plan. as always, spending time only with the family and being at the atlantic is the best cure for everything. so there will be a next trip in 2019 for sure!