Rebuilding Hannibal


we bought a VW T4 Syncro 2.5 TDI (5 cylinders / 100 bhp) which was used as a regular 9 seat transporter. for our rebuilding construction we decided to remove the last 3 seats to make space for our base element. the 3 seats can still be used (or only one or two of them; the construction is made for both versions).


as the VW used to be a community service car the interior was in very bad condition besides being very ugly. so therefore we started with rebuilding the following things:

  1. remove all interior covers made from cheap fiberboard
  2. build new covers using real birch wood (water resistant)
  3. glazing the new covers in chestnut brown
  4. install the new covers using new screws

we also wanted to isolate the interior but sadly the first solution with two component PU foam did not really work. if we think it is too cold (or hot) inside after our first trip we will isolate the interior using Armaflex isolation.


our construction is based on a basic element in the back which has two trays and holds the bed construction (two separate planks) on top. when needed this element can be extended with a box to transport up to 6 surfboards. the surfboard extension is also the base for our bed (on the left side; on the right side it will be placed on the seat). so when the bed is not folded out the box will be used as a table or bench.

or main idea while building the modules always was to be able to use the VW either as a regular van carrying people or if needed to use it as a mobile home. so depending on the trip planed we can use the regular seats or remove them and use it as our home on wheels.


as a last step we build the curtains. here as well everything was build by us. we created curtains for every window in the back as well one behind the drivers cabin. so combined with the darkened windows we will be hidden from stalkers when camping in the wild. pictures of the curtains (and the finished interior) will follow soon as we hit the road.


Inside covers

  • 4mm birch wood
  • glaze for water protection (chestnut)
  • mounting clips


  • 3 layered spruce wood, 19mm thick
  • glaze for water protection (chestnut)
  • stainless steel screws (M5 x 50mm)


  • regular cotton
  • curtain rails made of aluminium (4mm inserts)
  • velcro fastener (side door window and behind the drivers cabin)