this is our last post from marocco as our journey ends today. we’ve spent an amazing time in marocco and we got blessed with a lot of good people, lots of waves, great food and a uncountable amount of soul pictures and moments. the trip starded at the airport with a rental car just big enough to fit our baggage and surf boards and ended in two traffic violations and a crash with a maroccan scooter driver. so, not stopping at a stop sign costs 700 MAD (which s about 70 CHF), driving 8 km/h to fast costs 300 MAD (if you are pregnant you get a reduction of 200 MAD and the remaining 100 MADs go into the pocket of mr. police officer) and hitting a maroccan scooter driver was about 1000 MAD (inclouded the cost of scooter repair, a pair of new pants and new flip-flops).

if you should ever be in marrakesh and looking for a nice place to stay check Riad Basim! we can hardly recommend it!